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BLUE LINKS - MY FAVOURITES Page last updated:
01 August 2012 11:59 NZST
Works of the Bard WWFTD Great Vowel Shift LanguageHat
IPA sounds
Project Gutenberg NZ English
Prescriptive or Descriptive? Language Log Indo-European Links NZ/Aus - different?
Sentence First Online Glossaries Verb conjugator Platts Online
One Look What's An Ah? Online Etymology Dictionary Ethnologue
Popular Linguistics Glossary of linguistic terms Karen Chung's Links Evolution of English
Language Is The People's Dave Barry On Grammar Māori Dictionary Online Throw the "R" Away
Collin's Dictionary David Crystal Absolute Shakespeare
The English Project
Webster's Unabridged - 1913 Virtual Linguist Perseus Digital Library Accents of English
Dick & Garlick Resources for Writers American Dialect Society
Linguism Literature Post US/UK dictionary
Superlinguo NEW! C-SPAN's American Writers Accent Samples
Don't Mind Your Language Arts & Letters Daily Dictionary of Newfoundland English
TRANSLATION SITES Grammarphobia Poetry Archives CBC Canadian Words
Linguos Epea Pteroenta ReadPrint Canadian English
Bubbles Dialect Blog Lancashire Poetry More on Canadian English
STÆFCRÆFT & VYĀKARAṆA Free Books Lowlands English Links
Woxikon Throw Grammar From The Train Open Library Estuary English
The Diacritics Literature Collection A World of Englishes
Martindale's Language & Translation NZ-US Dictionary
Langenberg's - Translation Language Dictionaries Links More NZ English links
ESOL translation site MISCELLANY Geonames Speaking Australian
Chinese Characters and Culture
WordNerd A Guide to Rhetoric
Aboriginal English (Aus)
Latin Look-up Etymology Links Online Literature Library Australian Wordmap
Librarians' Language Links
Zompist Reference Desk Variation in English Words & Phrases
LookWAYup Language Dictionaries Links Bibliomania Indian English
Languages of the World Strange & Unusual Dictionaries QUOTE...UNQUOTE Literature of India in English
Ask Oxford Quadrivial Quandary The Grandiloquent Dictionary Hobson Jobson Dictionary
Lexical Freenet Thesaurus Word Oddities & Trivia Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Language In India
Allwords Word Detective Desi English
Ask A Linguist The Big List of Words and Phrases Lederer's Links Black South African English
Atomica QUINION Languages and Linguistics Singapore English
Jennifer's Language Page Straight Dope Caribbean English
WordWeb Online Forthright's Phrontistery World Factbook South African English
Acronym Finder Word Spy Freedict Dictionaries
Freedictionary Dictionary of Difficult Words Online Dictionary of Computing
Memidex Cuneiform Digital Library Webopedia OTHER LANGUAGES
Encarta Dictionary Archaeology Dictionary Double-Tongued Early Germanic Languages
Britannica Library Spot The Namibian Rosetta Project - Language Archive
Another Dictionary Beginning Philology Slang dictionaries Language Family Trees
Dictionarist BU Linguistics News Luciferous Logolepsy Endangered Languages
WRITING SYSTEMS Wordsmyth(registration) Text Kit Latin/Greek resources
Omniglot Guide to Writing Systems The Linguist List Scottish Dictionary Mäori-Polynesian Comparative
Ancient Scripts Word Detective GLOSSARIES Digital Dictionaries of Sth Asia
Paleography Ultralingua Urban Dictionary Austronesian Languages
International Phonetic Alphabet Wordtheque P.I.E. Roots
IPA chart Origins of English Sayings Word IQ P.I.E. Chart
IPA typewriter Free Glossary POETS EVA P.I.E. - Introduction
The Evolution of Alphabets Wordorigins forums Wordthrill P.I.E. Verbs
Etymolog Oxford Eytmologist P.I.E. Stress
Old English Word of the Week Tip of My Tongue Alt.Usage.English The Romani Project
Circolwyrde Wordhord Wish I'd Said That eNotes Latin Dictionary
Anglo-Saxon Dictionary Rhymes How Stuff Works Latin Grammar
Anglo-Norman Dictionary File Extensions Linguistic Fun Xeno Linguistics
Middle English Dictionary Mavens' Word of the Day (Archive) Bierce's Devil's Dictionary Virtual Language Center

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